Jagruti – The Awareness

The QSSI publishes Newsletters named Jagruti. The word Jagruti has its root in the ancient language of Sanskrit and it’s literal translation would mean awareness. The core purpose of our Newsletters is to increase communication between the Committees and the membership at large – to make us aware of the upcoming events by the QSSI, specific pieces of information such as personal announcements, and for sharing information pertaining to our varied festivities, religious and cultural beliefs and much more. It also provides an opportunity for our several sponsors/supporters to advertise within our publications. And of course Jagruti serves as a medium for our membership to voice their views, thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Frequency of publishing Jagruti may be subject to change without prior notification.

The QSSI takes pride to be a socially and environmentally responsbile organisation. Aimed towards reducing our Carbon foot-print, we encourage all QSSI members to subscribe to electronic versions of Jagruti. This will , contribute positively towards the environment, allow timely delivery of the information to your mail boxes – all this while allowing us to drive down the cost of stationery and printing! If you haven’t already, please drop an email to the QSSI Secretary with a confirmation of your willingness to receive an electronic only copy of Jagruti for your household.

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You can download the current and previous editions of Jagruti here:

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